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Socks Can Make Great Gifts!

You often hear people complain about the “uninspired” gift of socks at birthdays, Christmas or special occasions, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Socks can make great gifts, and here’s why:

Everyone needs them!

With a few exceptions, we all wear socks at some time, and they are an essential aprt of our wardrobe. Imagine going to work in your suit, shirt and tie, but with no socks. It happens, but it’s not usual. Whether we’re wearing socks for work, or just with our trainers, we need some form of foot covering to provide a cushion between our feet and our shoes, to protect feet when we’re walking around the house, or just to keep us warm and snug.

There’s a huge range

Today’s textiles, de... Click Here to Read More!

All About Herbs

It seems it is if there is quite a bit of interest about herbs these days, and there's a lot to learn about them. Books, magazine articles, blogs, and help publications all list articles and information about herbs with regularity. They serve two main purposes, first off they add flavor to our foods and secondly, they have health qualities.

There is so much information to absorb on this topic that it's a good idea not to worry about learning everything there is to know all at once. Many individuals in ancient times would spend literally their entire lives studying herbs and gathering knowledge about the beneficial properties that they contain. Some of us have our first exposure to herbs in the kitchen. We love the distinct flavor ... Click Here to Read More!

Effective Lesson Plans for Reading

As an instructor of English (reading, writing, lit, creative writing, etc.) and as an online course developer, I have found many valuable teacher resources for linguistic, literary, and rhetorical disciplines. Specifically for education and none for teaching in general, and a great many more with lesson plans for reading. Many of the lesson plans for reading are laid out so well that they will include peer work suggestions, interactive games and quizzes and maps, and dynamic and thorough strategies for cross-referencing studies.

As an example I used THE TIME MACHINE one semester. After a few decent lesson plans for reading, I found an incredible sight that was an invaluable resource that told me everything I needed to know about t... Click Here to Read More!

Small business and pricing

One of the most perplexing issues that every business owner must face is how much to charge for a product or service. This question is far more complex than it appears on its face. Let’s look at the potential issues associated with charging either too much or too little.

Assuming it appears extremely difficult to produce a profit in a company at any given point in time, the first reaction many entrepreneurs have is to raise the price. However, the negative to raising prices is the possibility of declining sales. As everyone understands, declining sales means that fixed expenses, as a percentage of total revenue increased, cause bottom line profitability to be reduced.

In addition, a negative associated with raising price... Click Here to Read More!

A Review of the Super Nintendo Controller

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a very impressive gaming platform when it was first introduced to the public and the early 1990s. The first Nintendo Entertainment System was quite an achievement in itself, but when the SNES came out it was really my introduction as to how cool it came they were. The Sega Genesis and the Turbo Grafix 16 were already on the market, so the SNES was a day little late getting to the party and joining other video game consoles, but it was worth the wait. Of the third generation consoles, the SNES was gets my vote as the number one gaming platform and I've had them all. The SNES is the only one of the three I still sometimes play today.

One of my very favorite features about the system was th... Click Here to Read More!

Obtaining Short Term Loans

It is nothing new for college students to have financial issues. With the ever increasing cost of tuition, books and living expenses they are sometimes in need of a little assistance. Student short term loans can be an excellent source of funding for those who find themselves struggling to keep up their living expenses. Your respective schools and financial aid office will help new with all the forms that you'll need to apply for short-term loans. The amount of the loan is normally restricted to a few hundred dollars at a time.

You can't set your prize and magically expect the money to be handed to you. The repayment schedule is also restricted to a short period. Most short terms loans for students are designed to be repaid within... Click Here to Read More!

The World of Online Personals

One day while I was hanging out on the Internet, I stumbled across something very interested. It took me by surprise and I'm not really sure why. It was nothing scandalous, it was simply the online personals section of my local web portal. What I've read on these online personals is what made me pause. I knew I had been out of the dating game for quite a while. I never imagined that they would become so racy.

First of all, there were suddenly a whole lot more ladies participating on these WAP site that I had recalled. I will have to admit that when I was a little bit younger, I enjoy checking out the online personals in hopes of meeting women. Going to the nearest bar and scouting for them felt creepy, and getting a date from one ... Click Here to Read More!

Tough Love Tips If You Have 10 Pounds To Lose

My sales manager used to tell me “You must learn to walk before you can run.”

At first I was offended by his statement. After all, I was 22 years old and I was smart! However, over the years those wise words have helped me be successful in many endeavors in life, both big and small.

Apply this philosophy if you have 10 pounds to lose. Even if you could stand to lose 50 pounds, think of the weight loss in 10-pound increments. Beginning with a baby step weight loss program will increase your chances to lose more weight.

Tell yourself “I have 10 pounds to lose” and set you goal at that number. Since the first 10 pounds are often mostly made up of water, you should be able to achieve the goal of “10 pounds to lose”... Click Here to Read More!

To Earn Money Online

I swear, my former housemate was the biggest dummy on the planet. His name was Amos, and he was the epitome of the word slacker. Most of the time, he would sit around and do nothing but smoke pot, while incessantly blasting reggae music is loud as the stereo could play it. I swear, one time we had to turn off the power to his room on the surge suppressor just to get some sleep, and boy, the dummy never even got wise that was us that killed the power. He made his living selling drugs, and incense down on Teleride avenue in Colorado Springs, where all of the hippies, street punks, and freaks come together and do, more or less, not a damn thing.

One of the stupider (although by no means, stupidest) things that I saw him do was to buy... Click Here to Read More!

The Psychological Aspects Of Balding

Hair loss is a problem for millions of men and women, both young and old. It can decrease self-esteem and confidence, and limit the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Balding affects people in different ways, but certain emotional reactions seem to be shared by many.

Hair Loss and the Mating Game

The most common concern that people have when they begin to lose their hair is that they will be less attractive to the opposite sex. The interesting thing is that this is often only the view of the person that is balding and not that person’s partner. The spouse, or friend of those experiencing hair loss, commonly state that the only thing that bothers them is that it makes their partner depressed. The balding does not bother ... Click Here to Read More!

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