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Your Site And Search Engine's Deep Crawling

It was three years before when I started my SEO career, and as everybody else I went through SEO forums and Blogs and read a lot of stuff, and tried to implement any SEO technique that looks effective and recommended by experts, that time I was fond of this SEO statement that says "When it comes to search engine optimization, content is king", yes everybody believe that search engines are fresh obsessed.

So I put a plan to create a Blog for my site and feed it with fresh topics on daily basis, and I had been going through all pages on my sites and changeed them on monthly basis to make them look fresh in the eye of search engines, and also checked my keyword density in may pages and topics trying to make a perfect meal for search ... Click Here to Read More!

Just One Win can Become a Sign of Total Domination

Many Steelers fans had high hopes yesterday, Big Ben was back, but what they didn’t count with was that barely two weeks after his appendectomy he was not back in form and the Jacksonville Jaguars defense had their way with that.

Wearing protective padding around his thorax, Roethlisberger was back to Pittsburgh’s starting lineup against Jacksonville on Monday night football. The Jaguars made him pay, irritating Roethlisberger and interrupting the defending Super Bowl champions’ winning streak, with a humiliating 9-0 final score.

We always look for someone to blame in these cases, in this particular one I blame Roethlisberger, he told the coach that he would be OK, that he just needed practice and to catch up with the r... Click Here to Read More!

5 Creative Ways to Scrapbook Sports

Are you a (insert sport of choice here) mom?

If so, chances are you have tons of pictures of your child(ren) just waiting to be scrapped. Or perhaps you have been faithfully attending games/events for so long that you know longer take your camera. Either way, here are a few ideas to get you scrapping those sports memories.

The first thing we tend to think of when it comes to scrapbooking sports are action shots. You want to capture the swing of the bat that caused the game-winning home run. Or the "shoot-score!" A word of caution for you new moms, the first score/shot/finish/etc. is priceless. You don't want to miss it because you were waiting behind the lens of a camera. You don't know how long you will wait, a game, a se... Click Here to Read More!

Money (Only Two Sources For Obtaining Your Share)

Money is something that everyone needs to pay their bills. Gone are the days when we could get by without money. Everything revolves around how much money you have as to what you can have. What kind of lifestyle are you living? How many cars are in your driveway? Are the cars in your driveway less than 2 years old and is at least one a top of the line BMW, etc. They used to say, ‘Money is not everything’. Now You Can Not Even Buy Love Without It!?

The more dependent we become on the Almighty Dollar it seems it becomes that much harder to get a hold of. Everyone these days is trying to figure out how to make more and have more. It just seems enough just is not enough. It seems justifiable to max out our credit in order to live a ... Click Here to Read More!

Debt Consolidation Loan Basics

Here are the basic workings of a debt consolidation loan... Firstly, the borrower (maybe you?) needs to have debts for which they would like to pay a lower interest rate and possibly stretch out over a longer term. These are the popular requirements. By doing either of these things (and especially by doing both) monthly payments on the new loan will be lower than on the old. Possibly the new payments will be sustantially lower.

But please remember to do your maths. It may be that though you have taken a payment of 100 per month down to 50 per month (or whatever), by adding ten years to the term of the loan, you have actually taken your total repayments from, say 5,000 to 6,500. The numbers will be different for every individual si... Click Here to Read More!

Warp Speed Wealth By Derek Gehl From IMC – An Honest Review

There has been a lot of buzz around Derek’s Gehl Warp Speed Wealth system that was released April 2006. Many people were wondering why the Internet Marketing Centre (IMC) releases a similar product to their ‘flag ship’ product the Internet. Well, it’s easy to explain. The ‘Internet Marketing Course’ is the flagship course of IMC. It explains simply just everything. Not one single detail is missing and you have to work the course in order to make it happen. Well, because many people are interested in getting some quick revenues, Derek Gehl and his IMC team have decided to launch a smaller version of the IMC course that explains the most important steps how to make money on the internet – quickly! Derek Gehl has condensed all the im... Click Here to Read More!

The Stock Exchange For Beginners

I am in the process of putting together a beginners guide to the stock market for a new website I am working on and I thought I might let you have a look too. I hope that the few articles I write (I'm planning three) won't be too insulting to you, dear reader, but hopefully they may contain a nugget of use too.

Before I start, I ought to point out that these won't be like any other pages 'for beginners' that you have ever seen. Here's why ...

I have been fascinated by investments since I was in my teens. Most teenagers read the sports pages, I read the financial pages. I bought my first shares aged 18. Into adulthood and I became a financial adviser at the grand old age of 24. I have sat and passed numerous financial exams ... Click Here to Read More!

Traditional Indian Cooking

Many people are mystified by traditional Indian cooking and cuisines and a little somewhat confused with the varieties of curries and spices used . Some may even think the traditional Indian cooking is mostly about vegetarian dishes and curries.

India has one of the finest and richest culinary histories. Contrary to popular belief, Indian cuisines are not complex or too confusing to cook. It can also be as elaborate as you want it to be. If you understand the diversity of the country, which is divided into four regions, north, south, east and west, you will appreciate the varieties of dishes, exotic spices, cooking methods,etc.

Interestingly there are two kinds of meat that you will not find in many Indian recipes, one is ... Click Here to Read More!

Learn How To Capture New Business For Your Award Shop

If you’ve been in business long enough, you know gaining new business is important to the growth of your company. In some industry’s new blood is the lifeblood of the business and without it, you die. If you want to reach your full potential in your venture, then you will need to have ongoing marketing strategies that will grow your business each year.

A large number of Award Shop owners desire to develop corporate business and gain them as a regular account. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a nice repeat account with a corporation like, American Airlines or Wendy’s? Gaining these type of monthly accounts can increase your business and can also be used to secure other accounts as well.

Consider this … you have an e... Click Here to Read More!

The Most Important Thing That You Need To Know About Investing

That is a very grand title for a newsletter. But, I kid you not, what I am going to discuss this month is a rather overlooked but massively important factor in the success or failure of an investment strategy.

Every serious investor has thought through this element of 'the game'. Quite simply, if they have not, they are not.

So what can be this important?


Simple, huh?

Of course it is. When it comes down to it, most things in life are really quite simple. So is this. But, oh-so overlooked.

If you begin to study investment as either a hobby, an intellectual pursuit or a profession, you will find massive quantities of books that can guide you. I know, I have quite a few of them. However, th... Click Here to Read More!

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