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How to Enjoy Your Life

Jesus died that we may have life, and have life abundantly

(John 10:10). Why then, are so many Christians not enjoying

their lives?

Maybe it's because they think they have too many problems.

Maybe they think they have too many sins and are unwilling

to get over the guilt. Maybe they just have a poor attitude.

Most reasons, or excuses a person uses to say they do not

enjoy their life is actually a blame on something outside of

themselves. Whether it be a person, an event, or the devil,

it's just easier to blame than to admit having a poor


It is true, there is an enemy who hates us and wants to mess

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When Others See a Shepard Boy, GOD May See a King!

We are just two apples, you and me, but I just happened to fall from the wrong side of the tree! He is a pear they’ll shout, throw him away let’s get him out, TROW HIM OUT OF ENDEN THE LARGEST APPLE SHOUTS! He’s only boy the girls say with a hush. It’s never been done this way they all cried, he’s a pear they said as I wept inside.

Walking out of Eden was the hardest thing to do, as the tears rolled down my face. Now as you can see, I am left with nothing, alone in a big vast space. I am trying so dam hard to make my mark in this world of ours. Has anyone ever been thrown out of Eden? Ever made it before, have they gone on to glory and said give me more?

I am an apple I yelled no different than you, I just happened t... Click Here to Read More!

Tsunami Predicted in Lisbon

Their Last Goodbye!

People went about their daily routine unaware that an earthquake or Tsunami was about to strike. Mothers walked their children to school, fathers kissed their wives and children goodbye as they left for work, unaware that this was their last and that their worst nightmare was about to begin. Everything seemed normal. There was no indication or warning that the capital of Lisbon was about to be swallowed up into history.

Was it predicted?

It was predicted that there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars and that the powers in heaven would be shaken. The sun would be black as sackcloth of hair, the moon as blood, and the stars will fall from heaven, indicating that the God of creation will s... Click Here to Read More!

Catholic Hierarchy Makes Interreligious Dialogue Difficult

I converted to Catholicism as an adult. I specialize in interreligious dialogue and world religions. I was enrolled in undergraduate studies at what I would later learn was a liberal Catholic university. I thought what I experienced there in classes and masses represented Catholic teaching (the Magisterium)as a whole. I was in for an awakening when I went on to graduate school and then to teach in a Catholic secondary school. The phrase "one, true Church" has come to a specific and difficult meaning.

In my previous, more academically-oriented blogs, I wrote that interreligious dialogue requires participants to place their beliefs up front for all to see. Here is one of my primary beliefs: the "Divine," "Creator," "God" or whateve... Click Here to Read More!

Disability, Chronic Illness, and Spirituality

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the mid 1980's as a "diagnosis of exclusion" (see, my illness had been mis-diagnosed for about 25 years prior to this initial "diagnosis") I became VERY angry with God. "Why me", I asked. Why did I have to be the one you inflicted with this terrible disease? Why couldn't you let the Doctors conclusively diagnose the condition? Why did I have to keep pretending that the Doctors were mistaken, just so that I could live my day-to-day life?

I was asking the wrong question, you see. Instead of asking "Why me, God?", I should have been asking, "Why NOT me, God?" See, I was trying to become the "before the diagnosis" me, and I just could not do it. So, I went into denial, and pretended tha... Click Here to Read More!

What is God? Where is God?

“I have a hard time with the concept of God. I was not brought up in a religious family. I believe there is something beyond myself, but I just don’t know how to think of it or experience it.”

“I was brought up in family where God was portrayed as judgmental and punishing. I can’t even hear the word ‘God’ without feeling anxious. How am I supposed to open to God when I believe that God is controlling?”

“How can I believe in God when there are so many bad things that happen to people? If there really is a God, then why does He let these things happen?”

“God as a man just does not work for me. The men in my life have been mostly angry and controlling. I don’t feel safe opening to a male god.”

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America – You’ve Had It Made Too Long

One thing about history is that in spite of the warnings about repeating it if we don’t learn from it is that it always repeats itself. It isn’t history that needs watching as much as the human heart. Nothing much changes in human nature. Those riding the crest of the wave are usually found having a party while those caught in the crash of the wave are gasping for air and fighting for life.

There is little doubt that America is riding the wave. She is at the peak of her power and at the top of her game. Trying to get her attention would be a lot like trying to stop a train with a handkerchief. Every similarity to previous world powers notwithstanding our collective national behavior is so close to ancient Rome that all that is ... Click Here to Read More!

Unusual Signs and Wonders Today? - True Story

In the year 2002, the state of Texas, didn’t issue social security numbers, birth, or death certificates to parents of stillborn babies. On October 25 2002, my third daughter was stillborn In TX.

The realization I wouldn’t be given any official documents left me numb. I reasoned the rest of the world considered my child’s life and death were insignificant. My nine long months of pregnancy, the pain of labor, and delivery was all in vain and the baby had no identity.

About a month after her funeral, I found an internet company that created “unofficial certificates of life” for stillborn babies. I immediately gave them my baby’s information- her DOB, weight, time of birth, length, hospital name, and placed the order.<... Click Here to Read More!

Signs and Superstitions

Today is Friday the thirteenth, one of those days people joke about, and then hop out of the way of the lightening bolt they assume will strike. It is a day to walk around teetering ladders, adjust poorly-hung mirrors, wait to pet stray black cats, and stay away from anything else connected to superstitious feat and consequence. While most people will tell you they don't believe in these and other bits of residual medieval wisdom, there are a lot more people who will use them as insurance measures, behaviors to avoid or embrace, "just in case." Broken mirrors may not welcome bad luck into our lives, but someone has to clean up the mess, so avoiding that situation can only be a good thing, right? I suspect there is a connection between th... Click Here to Read More!

American Churches – Inspiring or Entertaining

Once while traveling rural Alabama some years past I decided to visit a local church for the mid-week Wednesday night service. I can’t remember the name of the little town I was in but I will never forget that church and what happened there. It was a true experience but to this day I still think that what I found there is what church is all about.

I almost stopped first at a larger church only a block from away from the little church I visited. The large brick church had a parking lot fairly full of cars and several people were going in as I drove by. I can’t say what made me keep driving but only a block away was a little white church with two people sitting on the front steps. As I slowed down to look at the church the two pe... Click Here to Read More!

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